Wahl clipper corporation is an America based company which manufactures all the grooming products for peoples and animals.Wahl what a shaver

History of Wahl corporation

This company was based in the year of 1919.and founder of this multinational company is Mr. Leo J. they patented for an electromagnetic hair clipper.

After that Wahl introduced initial vacuum clipper which allowed a person’s hairs to be cut without cape use.

Wahl corporation’s goods

It is popular brand of men’s trimmers comprises of beardstrimmers, mustaches,brow, goatees, body, ear,

There products are sold in over 150 different countries in all worldwide under the Wahl corporation brand, Moser brand, lister brand and more on.

In the year of 2006 Wahl corporation licensed for dummies brand and from publishing corporations and launched the home haircutting for product line.

There are many products including aftershave electric razors electric shaving and appliances used for removing facial hairs are manufactured by Wahl corporations.

Wahl shaver

Wahl shavers are nothing but the electric shavers which made by the company named as Wahl clipper corporation. Its maximum weighs up to 0.7 kg.

This shaver has rotating and some oscillating 3 to 4 no of heads.as they are electrically operated they are powered up by electric supply and there is no requirement of shaving cream, soap, or water for shaving purpose.

This shaver is motorized by small DC motor which either by batteries or main electricity. Nowadays there are some rechargeable battery options also available.

Shaver description

  1. This shaveris battery worked/powered
  2. There is cordless operation for freedom of movement
  3. Specially designed for according to shaving needs of man
  4. It has structured and featured as T shaped blade to help and prevent bumps shavings and ingrown hairs.
  5. Closer shaving as 0.4 mm.
  6. Precision grounded
  7. Features High carbon steel blades which causing effective cutting.
  8. Stay sharp at longer
  9. There is also availability of trimmer stand.

Parts contains

  1. Trimmer for shaving.
  2. Pre-shave brush for before shaving cleaning purpose.
  3. Cleaning purpose brush
  4. Clipper oil for lubrication purpose
  5. In case battery powered is rechargeable.
  6. Storage stand.


  1. Close and more precise shave.
  2. It is for those who do not like shaving every day.
  3. Faster in operation as it is electrically operated.
  4. fast-growing
  5. Solid shaving inexperience.
  6. It ensures no harm to the skin.
  7. It can be used as a substitute for precise shaving.
  8. Application for problem of dense hair.
  9. Easy to use just by reading the instructions given on the box.

Usable tips to use the shaver perfectly

When care has taken to shaver then it will last longer and it will stay working for a longer period, for taking care there are some steps which are –

  1. Clean your Wahl shaver schedule-wise.
  2. Lubricate it.
  3. Use the spray lubricant or spray cleaner as it is electric shaver.
  4. Grip it properly.
  5. Extend battery life.
  6. Replace the blades or foils according to requirement.

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So, the Wahl shaver is the shaver used for removing hairs of animal or persons manufactures by the Wahl clipper corporation company.it also has many advantages.